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Supported app versions

We continually update and improve our app, publishing a new version that you can download free-of-charge each time we do so. We progressively stop supporting older versions of our app, so we ask that you make sure you’re always using a supported version

Supported versions include the latest available version, the first immediately preceding minor version and all bug-fix releases in between.

If instead you use an older, unsupported version of our app, it may work. However, we won’t always be able to help you if it stops working, and we may ask you to update to the latest version before we can offer further support.

You might also find that certain app features that rely visibly or invisibly on cloud-based services could stop working without warning (even if they were previously working) when we withdraw cloud support for app features that have changed, been updated or removed in newer app versions. In this case, you must also update to a supported version of our app.

Compatibility with your phone

To make use of a supported version of our app you must have and maintain access to a supported smartphone which you must keep up-to-date. This means: 

  • Your phone must made by Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, OnePlus or Xiaomi; and

  • Your phone model must have been first released no more than five years earlier than today; and 

  • Your phone must be running either the latest or the immediately preceding major version of the iOS or Android operating systems, and you may sometimes need to be using the very latest version of your phone’s OS to use the newest features of our app.

If your phone is from another manufacturer, was first released over five years ago, or is running an older OS version, our app (or an unsupported earlier version of it) may still work. We can’t guarantee to help you get going though, or to provide technical support (including if our app was working but then stops working as described above).

Other computing devices

Sorry, but we don’t officially support the PitPat app on tablets, laptops, desktop PCs or anything other than the compatible smartphones described above.

If you try to use the PitPat app with any of these other devices, it might work, but we won’t be able to offer you any support for it. (You can still use the returns policy though.)

Ownership of your phone

You must only install our app on a phone or other device owned by you or, if you do install our app on a phone or other device not owned by you, you must have the owner’s permission to install it.

You are responsible for complying with all our terms whether or not you own the phone or other device on which you install our app.


We may make changes to these terms in accordance with our General Terms of Use.