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We love our customers (and their pets), and want to help you get the most out of the products we provide.

We provide friendly customer support from our UK office. If you have any problems, we’ll try to sort you out even if it takes us a while, or give you your money back under our Returns Policy or Warranty if for some strange reason we can’t.

Our customer support is governed as a service by all our applicable terms, and by the additional terms below.

How to reach us

You can reach us in a variety of ways. Email and phone are always best and we can give you the best service that way. You can also contact us via social media, but we will often redirect you to email to help us continue the conversation and keep a record of it.

Hours of service

We work normal UK office hours (typically 0900-1700 from Monday to Friday). Our customer support team are not normally available outside these hours, or at weekends or on UK Bank Holidays. Of course, you can still message us out-of-hours, but we won’t necessarily be able to respond to you until we’re available again.

You might very occasionally receive a response from us outside our normal working hours. We can’t promise to do this though, even if you’ve had an out-of-hours response from us before.

Response time

We know that you’re keen to get a response from us, so we’ll always try to be quick. That means we aim to respond within two working days of receiving your contact (and usually much sooner). However, we can’t make any specific promises about how fast we may be able to get back to you, or how quickly we will ultimately be able to deal with your enquiry or solve your problem.

In some cases, we may need to investigate further, and that can take more time. If we need to ask you a question, we’ll need to wait for you to reply before we can proceed, and if you don’t respond in a reasonable time, we may not be able to help you further.

Our obligation to interact with you

Your and other people’s pets are precious. Therefore, to protect everyone’s privacy and safety, we may refuse to interact with you if we determine or suspect that you do not have the right to enquire about a particular animal or product.

Helping yourself

We try to make our products easy to use, so sometimes we may show or tell you how to do something for yourself rather than doing it for you.

If your pet dies

Sadly, it happens, and if it’s happened to you, we’re very, very sorry.

If you let us know that your pet has died, we’ll do our best to help you make any changes to your account that you’d like to make (including, for example, how and when you receive notifications and emails, how to manage your subscriptions (if any) and what should happen to your pet’s data).

Sometimes though, it can take a while for changes to be made, and mistakes can still happen, so if we appear to do anything insensitive or inappropriate, please accept our sincerest apologies.


We offer support in English, but if you speak another language we will try to interact with you as effectively as possible.


We love our customers! We try our best to treat everyone with respect and courtesy, and we ask you to do the same. Just in case though, we remind you of the provisions of our General Terms of Use relating to your conduct and our right to terminate our relationship with you.


We may make changes to these terms in accordance with our General Terms of Use.