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We offer a range of products as defined in our General Terms of Use. Where applicable, these products are subject to the following additional terms.

Battery performance & lifetime

Some of our products contain rechargeable batteries that are sealed into them to help make the products smaller, physically tougher and more waterproof. These batteries are not replaceable by you or by us.

All rechargeable batteries have an inherently-limited lifespan. As they age, the useful capacity of such batteries inevitably declines. You may therefore experience a reduction in the battery life of your product over time, and may wish to consider buying a replacement product when that becomes necessary.

Please arrange for your device to be properly recycled at the end of its life. You have the right to return PitPat devices to us for that purpose.

Please also refer to our terms relating to battery safety.

Network coverage

Some of our products make use of communication networks provided by third-parties (for example, mobile phone networks and satellite positioning transmissions). They therefore depend on the availability of such services in your location (“coverage”), and may not function fully, with acceptable performance or at all in areas where such coverage is temporarily or permanently limited or not available.


We may make changes to these terms in accordance with our General Terms of Use.