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From time-to-time we engage in promotional marketing whereby we enhance the appeal of our propositions to customers in various ways and otherwise encourage you to do something. 

We want our promotional marketing to be fun and fair for everybody. We also try to be generous in what we offer and honourable in how we offer it. It is not our aim to disappoint or deceive you or anyone else, nor ever to be unnecessarily harsh in how we run our promotions or apply their terms.

To make sure we can achieve those goals, we want to be clear in advance about how we will apply and administer the promotional offers we make to you and others. 

So, in the context of any promotional marketing, whilst all of our General and Additional Terms continue to apply just as they would outside any promotion, some extra terms also apply that are described below. Whenever you attempt to take advantage of any of our promotions, we will assume that you accept these and all our other terms.

The law

We aim to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines that relate to promotional activities. None of our terms below or anywhere else attempt to curtail your legal rights, and all of our terms apply only within the boundaries permitted by the law.

What is a promotion?

There are many different sorts of promotional marketing, usually (but not always) characterised by a temporary change in our pricing or other terms, or by us offering you some sort of incentive, reward, gift or prize. 

To help you identify what we mean by a promotion, here are some examples. Other things are possible too – the variations are nearly endless. Quotes in brackets represent imaginary wording for each example, but again there are always many possible variations on these themes.

We may:

  • Reduce the price of one or more products compared to their usual price, whether by a fixed amount of money (“£5 off”) or by a percentage (“25% off”);

  • Offer volume discounts beyond our normal volume pricing strategy (“Buy three for £25”, “Buy one, get one free”); 

  • Bundle one or more products together in ways we don’t normally do and at a price less than the sum of the products’ individual prices (“Get a PitPat and a bag of food for £50”);

  • Give you the ability to purchase one or more of our products on special terms conditional on some other action on your part (“Walk your dog every day and get a PitPat for just £10”);

  • Make an offer to give you or someone else some other benefit in exchange for buying a product or performing some other action (“Buy a PitPat and we’ll give £5 to charity”, “Review us and get entry into our prize draw for a voucher”);

  • Simply offer to give away products or other benefits (for example as free samples) without any pre-conditions attached (other than, for example, “claiming” them). We might limit the number of such products, and the period over which they’re given.

  • Invite you to participate in any sort of draw, competition or similar promotion in which you might win a prize or other benefit of any sort (“Send us a photo of your dog and we’ll give the cutest pup a free PitPat”);

  • Permit you to acquire one or more of our products on special terms in the context of any of the above sorts of promotion alongside a business partner (“Sign up for broadband and get a PitPat for £15”);

  • Offer you special terms in the context of our and/or your relationship with an online influencer or affiliate (“Subscribers to my channel can get 10% off a PitPat”).

Wherever – by reason of your status – we offer you entry to a competition, on-going special pricing or access to another relevant special privilege (for example, “10% off all purchases because your dog is a member of PitPat LIFE™) we may also regard this as a promotion for the purposes of these terms.

How do I find out about promotions?

We may let you know about a promotion in a variety of ways including (but not limited to):

  • Making it visible on our website;

  • Sending you an email or any other form of electronic communication;

  • Advertising it online, on social media or in other media including on TV, radio, and out-of-home advertising;

  • Putting it into a leaflet or other printed material;

  • Telling you about it personally, whether face-to-face, online or over the phone.

  • Allowing a business partner or other party (for example, an influencer or another customer) to communicate it to you by whatever means they choose.

Not all promotions are open to everyone. Some are only offered to people who meet certain criteria (for example, those on a waiting list, or people who’ve not bought anything for a while). That means that we may sometimes only notify the specific people to whom a promotion applies, rather than notifying everyone.

Where and how can I take advantage of a promotion?

Different promotions may relate to products bought through a variety of channels, including (but not limited to):

  • Directly from our own website;

  • In person from us (for example at trade shows etc.);

  • Through our retail partners, whether online, in person or otherwise;

  • Via other business partnerships or arrangements whether direct from a partner, fulfilled by us on their behalf, or otherwise.

We may implement promotional pricing by:

  • Temporarily changing the “standard” price on our website;

  • Giving you a “promo code” that you must enter during checkout on our website, or on that of a retailer / business partner if applicable;

  • Issuing a partial refund to you after your purchase (for example, if certain conditions are met);

  • Using any other mechanism that we explain when we communicate the promotion to you.

Terms that apply to all promotions

In addition to all our General and Additional terms, and unless specifically stated otherwise when we communicate the promotion, we’ll apply the following additional terms to all promotions (where they are applicable):

  • Where promotions have any sort of eligibility criteria, you (or your dog if required) must meet the stated criteria to be eligible for the promotion. Similarly, if you are required to perform some act or similar thing, you must do that before you become eligible. It is your responsibility to demonstrate to us that you meet the criteria or have performed the act.

  • Any price reduction we offer applies in comparison to the normal, full, one-off selling price of the relevant individual product (including any tax) in the particular channel or context stated in the promotion.

  • You cannot combine promotions together in any way. Nor can you use a promotion more than once in any single purchase. For example, a 10% off promotional code cannot be applied to a product that is already being offered on sale. Nor can a price reduction intended for use only on a single-buy product be used in addition to a pre-existing multi-buy price. 

  • Promotions are valid only from their starting date (or immediately if none is specified) and only until midnight in the UK on their stated closing date (or until they are closed by us if no date is stated, or until some other stated date, time or condition is met). 

  • You will not normally have any right for any reason whatsoever to benefit from the terms of the promotion before it opens or after it closes, even if you were unaware of the promotion whilst it was open, or unable for whatever reason to access or act upon it. Some promotions may be very short (for example, “lightening sales”), or end at short notice (“Sale ends at midnight”), and it is your responsibility to be aware of these restrictions.

  • We may exceptionally need to end a promotion early due to circumstances beyond our control. In this case, we will try to inform you, but may not be able to do so, and whilst we will try to be fair, we may not offer any alternative benefit or compensation.

  • Promotions cannot be applied retroactively. For example, you have no automatic right to claim a partial refund if you previously bought a product at full price that we’re now offering at a promotional price. There is also no automatic right to receive a partial refund if you failed to comply or indicate your compliance with any requirements of the promotion (for example, by entering a promotional code) at the time of making a purchase but now wish to do so.

  • We will honour promotions only in respect of in-stock items. We will do our best to make stock continuously available during promotions but, if stock is unexpectedly exhausted, we will not necessarily extend the promotion or offer any form of compensation for your inability to take advantage of the promotion due to lack of stock.

  • Promotions are valid only for and in the specific circumstances to which they relate. You have no right for any reason to transfer the promotion to a different product or quantity of product, to exchange it for some other promotion, to attempt to use a different promotional mechanism, to claim a cash alternative, or otherwise to vary the terms of the promotion.

  • If a maximum quantity is specified (for example, “one per customer”), promotions are valid only up to and including that quantity. If the promotion states how many times it may be used (“single use” or “you can use this code up to three times”), you may only use the promotion that many times.

  • Promotions are only valid in the specific channel to which they apply. For example, a promotional benefit that we offer for purchases on our website cannot be used instead for purchases through a retail partner.

  • Promotions are only valid for the specific people to whom they are offered. A promotion intended for a particular individual or category of person cannot be transferred to or used for the benefit of another person to whom it was not offered or who does not meet the criteria for the promotion.

  • Where a promotional code is used as the mechanism for a promotion, we may withdraw or invalidate codes that we believe are being used outside their intended scope or audience.

  • For prize draws, competitions or any similar “entry based” promotion, we will not be responsible for our non-receipt of any entry, whether for technical or other reasons inside or outside our control. We will not accept proof of submission as proof of receipt. 

  • We reserve the right to cancel or curtail any promotion where an error on our or anyone else’s part gives rise to it being applied or benefits being derived in ways other than intended by us.

  • Promotions may not be claimed (or entered) via third-parties, in bulk, or by using any sort of automated process or mechanism. We will regard any attempt to do so or otherwise to tamper with the intended operation or mechanism of the promotion as fraud or attempted fraud.

  • We further reserve the right to withhold and/or seek to recover promotional benefits that we believe may have been or are being obtained fraudulently.

  • If any of a promotion’s terms (for example, a promo code valid only for a single use) would normally be enforced automatically, but the automatic enforcement fails for any reason (for example, a promo code works more than once), that failure doesn’t change the terms of the promotion.

  • More generally, our failure to enforce any particular term of a promotion doesn’t mean we’ve given up our right to enforce it or any of our other terms.

  • If there are terms and/or conditions provided in the marketing material for the promotion, those terms and conditions apply in addition to these terms, and they take precedence over these terms if there is a conflict.

  • If the deal you’re trying to get from us seems too good to be true, it probably is and we will politely tell you so.

Chance-based promotions

We may sometimes run promotions that include the offer of your participation in a prize draw or similar chance-based reward (for example, “Win a £50 voucher when you buy a PitPat before midnight tonight”). In these cases, we will adopt the following general approach to ensuring fairness relating to chance:

  • All entries (for example, email addresses) will be placed in an ordered list. (It does not matter what the order of that list is, because the next step is random anyway.)

  • We will use a computerised random number generator such as to generate a random number or numbers between 1 and the number of entries in the list. 

  • The entry/ies at the corresponding place(s) in the list will be adjudged the apparent winner(s) of the draw and removed from the list.

  • If there are validity criteria for entry into the draw, we will either apply those criteria prior to admitting each entry into the ordered list, or we will test any apparent winner for the criteria after they apparently win. In the latter case, if any apparent winner does not meet the criteria, they will be disqualified, and a further random number generated to pick a replacement apparent winner from the updated list. This process will be repeated until either the number of valid winners required has been reached or the list of entries becomes exhausted.

  • The list of entries will be deleted for privacy reasons once the draw is over.

In addition:

  • You can request a list of the winner(s) of any recent promotion from us.

  • Your entry into any chance-based promotion indicates your consent to the inclusion of your name on any such winners' list should you be a winner.

  • You have the right to withdraw your consent prior to the end of any relevant completion, but If you do so, we will remove your entry from the competition participants.

Skill-based and subjective promotions

We may sometimes run promotions or competitions where you can gain some benefit if we determine that you are a winner in some way other than by chance. This might include, for example, correctly answering one or more questions, completing some other test of skill, or meeting some subjective criteria that we or others may judge (such as having the cutest puppy). 

In these cases, we aim to be transparent about how the winners will be determined, or how any subjective element will be judged, by whom and according to what criteria. You therefore have the right to ask us to supply details of this process if it is not fully-specified in the promotional materials.

Combined promotions

Some promotions may combine elements of chance, skill and/or subjective judgement. In such cases the rules for all these types of promotion will apply together as appropriate at different stages or in different parts of the promotion.

Awarding of prizes in draws, competitions, etc.

In any promotion involving the awarding of prizes or similar we will adopt the following approach if we determine that you are a winner:

  • We will attempt to contact you (using the address you provided at the time you entered) to inform you of your win and explain any mechanism (including any timescales) by which you must claim your prize.

  • We may require you to confirm your address or other details before awarding the prize, in which case this and any time restrictions for responding will be included in our communication to you. 

  • You are responsible for making sure that you check for and are able to receive our communications about prizes, and that you are able to and do in fact respond to us within the stated time limit. Proof of sending any correspondence to us is not proof that we have received it, and we will act on the basis only of correspondence we actually receive.

  • If you fail for whatever reason (whether or not under your control) to respond to our communications or comply with all the requirements for claiming your prize, you will forfeit your prize and we may award it to someone else instead.

  • Except if it is faulty, you may not return or exchange any prize we may send you.


In spite of all the above terms that limit your rights to benefit from a promotion outside its intended terms, we may in exceptional circumstances, and without prejudice as to any future situation, make an exception (for example, by granting an extension on a promotional deadline) if we feel in our absolute discretion that your particular and individual circumstances merit such an offer from us. 

We don’t have to do this, we don’t promise to do it, or to do it again if we’ve done it before or for someone else, but we try to be kind, fair and generous where we can.

Questions or complaints

If you have any questions about a promotion, please contact our customer support team on in the first instance. They will take details of your enquiry, respond to it and escalate it if appropriate. 


We may make changes to these terms in accordance with our General Terms of Use.