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We want you to enjoy every product you purchase from us. 

If you have difficulties with or questions about any of our products, please contact us on so that we can answer your questions, help get you going or try to sort out any problems you may be having.

The rights described here are in addition to any statutory rights you may have. If any of the conditions described below aren’t met, our Limited Warranty may still apply.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you bought one of our devices or consumable products directly from us, we give you the general right to request and receive a refund from us if you are unhappy with it in any way within 42 days (six weeks) of receiving it, even if you have used or partly consumed it. This is the “42-day returns”, “no-quibble returns”, “satisfaction guarantee” or other similar promise you may see in our marketing and advertising. Your exact rights and any conditions may depend on the kind of product you bought from us, and are explained below. 

If you bought one of our products from a retailer (such as Amazon or another online or physical store) and not directly from us, their customer satisfaction, refund and/or returns policy will apply instead of ours. Please contact them directly in that case.

If you received one of our products from someone else (including as a gift from someone, or as a promotional incentive from another organisation even if we fulfilled your order), you should still personally contact us on for technical support, but unless your product is faulty, we will not offer you personally a refund or return. You should ask the person or organisation you received the product from to contact us instead.

Loss & damage protection

No matter where you bought your PitPat, as an additional benefit for the first 42 days after your purchase, we may at our sole discretion offer you a replacement PitPat device free-of-charge if yours becomes lost or damaged, subject to these conditions:

  • The lost or damaged PitPat device must have been worn exclusively by the original single dog it was purchased for up until the moment the loss or damage occurred;

  • The loss or damage must not have occurred as a result of normal wear and tear (including rechargeable battery degradation), misuse, failure to follow instructions, neglect, abuse, alteration, unreasonable carelessness, unusual stress, modification, improper or unauthorised repair, improper storage, water if the product has been opened, or because of use with unsuitable devices, software or services;

  • If we agree to replace your lost or damaged PitPat device, we will replace it with an identical device or, if an identical device is not available, with the nearest equivalent that we determine. No financial or other compensation is available, and you may not choose a different replacement (even by paying any difference in price);

  • We will provide a replacement PitPat device only once per device purchased;

  • We reserve the right to refuse any claim for a replacement PitPat device in circumstances where we reasonably believe that such claim has been made frivolously or fraudulently.

This Benefit is in addition to and separate from your rights under our Limited Warranty (including any Warranty Period extension as a result of your dog’s membership of PitPat LIFE), which covers faults in materials and workmanship.

To make a claim for a lost or damaged PitPat device, please email providing full details of the circumstances of the loss or damage. We reserve the right to enquire further as to the circumstances of your loss or damage, to provide guidance and advice relating to avoiding such loss or damage, and to grant or refuse your replacement as a consequence of such dialogue.

Arranging a refund

Please use this form to request a refund.

Unless the product is faulty, we can only accept such requests where:

  • The product was bought by you personally direct from us (not from a retailer, received as a gift from someone else or as a promotional incentive); and

  • You are able to demonstrate or provide proof of your purchase; and

  • The product was received by you inside the previous 42 days (six weeks).

We may ask you questions about your request so that we can properly understand the circumstances, learn from them and apply our policies consistently.

We are entitled to require that any refund is provided via the original payment method you used, or any other method stipulated by us. Refunds may take up to 10 working days to reach you. If your original payment was made via a third-party, any refund may require the involvement of that third party. 

Returning a product

If you request a refund from us, we may require you to return the product to us as a condition of issuing the refund to you. In this case we will provide a way for you to return the product at no cost to you. You do not need the original packaging.

We may require a return if, for example:

  • The product is a physical device; or

  • We wish to examine the product for any reason; or

  • There is any other uncertainty, question or enquiry about your refund request.

We may choose to wait until we have received and inspected the returned product before agreeing to and issuing your refund.

In some cases, at our sole discretion, we may permit or require you to keep or dispose of the product even if we issue you a refund.

If it's been more than 42 days (six weeks)

Provided you have first made contact with us within 42 days of receiving your product (even if we have not yet responded to you), and provided you remain in contact with us, we will extend your rights above for as long as is required to allow us to investigate, diagnose and attempt to resolve any dissatisfaction or problem you may be experiencing. If we fail to do so, you may then immediately exercise your right to a refund under our satisfaction guarantee.


We may make changes to these terms in accordance with our General Terms of Use.