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We offer a range of products as defined in our General Terms of Use. Where applicable, these products are subject to the following additional terms.

Your responsibility

We remind you that you are responsible for the health, safety and well-being of your pet(s), and must not rely on any information or advice we provide.

Information provided by and through our products is for guidance only. We require you to use good judgement in using our products and in choosing whether or not to apply or follow any advice, guidelines, instructions or recommendations you may receive from or through them or us.

To the extent permitted by law, we make no formal promises about the fitness, performance, accuracy, safety, correctness or any other characteristic of our products or your use of them.

Physical damage

Some of our products are devices that are designed for animals to wear or otherwise to benefit from. We take great care to ensure that these devices are robust and safe in normal use, and that they meet or exceed all applicable product safety standards. However, our devices cannot be designed to be completely resistant against accidental or deliberate chewing, swallowing, playing, opening, attack, damage, modification or other misuse by an animal or human.

You are responsible for preventing misuse of and damage to PitPat devices.

You must prevent any animal or child from playing with, chewing or otherwise attacking any PitPat device when it’s being worn. If it’s not wearable, or when or it’s not being worn, you must keep it out of reach of any animal or child. No-one must open, pierce or attempt to repair or modify any PitPat device.

If one of our devices becomes visibly damaged (whether deliberately or accidentally), stops working properly or gets hot, you must immediately stop using it, remove it from any animal if appropriate, put it in a safe place out of reach of animals and children, and contact us for repair, replacement or safe disposal instructions. Under these circumstances we accept no liability for any further consequence (howsoever caused) of such damage.

Battery risks

Some of our devices contain internal batteries that carry specific risks if mistreated. These include rechargeable batteries that present a risk of fire and other harms if damaged, pierced or short-circuited, and coin cells that can cause immediate serious or fatal harm to animals or people if chewed, swallowed or inserted into the body.

In order to reduce these risks, you must follow the directions above relating to the prevention of physical damage to your PitPat devices.

You must seek immediate medical or veterinary advice if you suspect that any battery has been chewed, swallowed or placed inside the body of an animal or human.


If you want to dispose of any PitPat device (including at the end of its life), you must do so safely and in accordance with local rules for electronic waste. Do not dispose of any device in fire or in normal household waste.

You have the right to return PitPat devices to us for recycling.


We may make changes to these terms in accordance with our General Terms of Use.